Sacred Mountain Wellness Educational Workshops

All workshops in this section are 60 minutes and can be taught either in-person or by phone. Group and corporate workshops are also available.

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  • Sugar Blues: Sugar news and education so that you can keep sweets in your life while minimizing sugar’s harsh side effects.
  • Bone Health: How to holistically keep our bones strong and healthy for a lifetime without medication’s side effects.
  • The Cholesterol Cure: An in-depth look into natural and holistic methods for achieving and maintaining healthy cholesterol levels for a lifetime.
  • Safe Sun Exposure: The sun is not the enemy we’ve been told it is. Learn the best ways to protect yourself internally and externally so you can harness the healing powers of the sun!
  • Super Immune Health: How to supercharge your immune system and stay healthy throughout the flu and cold season.
  • Stress Reduction and Management: No need to worry when you have the tools needed to effectively manage and minimize the stresses in your life.
  • Clean Eating in a Toxic World: Eating Clean is the surest way to protect your health for a lifetime. Learn simple strategies for identifying toxins and harsh in ingredients in most of today’s common foods and how to find healthier alternatives to those foods.
  • The Diet – Brain Health Connection: How to super charge the health of your brain with diet, lifestyle and supplementation so that you can function at your highest potential!
  • Super Greens: Harness the power of the most nutritious foods on Earth!
  • Sleep Soundly: How to finally get a good night’s sleep without having to rely on sleeping pills or medications.
  • Smoking Cessation: A holistic approach to leaving cigarettes behind for good, including strategies for slowly and successfully weaning off, while rebuilding your body with detoxification, nutrition and supplementation strategies.
  • Understanding Food Labels: An in-depth look at food labels, providing you with the tools needed to make the healthiest decisions for yourself and your loved ones.
  • Breathing and Meditation for the Soul: Exploring the power of your breath, its interconnectedness to our health, and how meditation and breath work can open us up to the core of our very essence and soul.
  • Complete Body Cleansing: A detailed look at the world of whole-body cleansing including discussion on why you should cleanse and the safest and most effective techniques available.

All workshops in this section are multi-part series and can be taught in person or telephonically.  Group and corporate workshop series are also available.

  • Debunking Common Nutrition myths – 3-part series:
    • The Basics: An in-depth look at current dietary guidelines, macronutrients, and the role of genetics in our health.
    • Protein and Carbohydrates: How much do we need, where do we get them, and what are the healthiest sources.
    • Fats and Oils: It’s not all black and white – some fats are indeed bad, but others are an important part of a healthy diet.
  • The Cholesterol Cure – 6 part series: An in-depth look into natural and holistic methods for achieving and maintaining healthy cholesterol levels for a lifetime.
  • Holistically Healing Cancer4-part series: An in-depth look at the most successful and time-tested Integrative and Complimentary approaches to treating cancer from around the world.
  • Super Charge Your Pantry1.5 hour in-home session: A total makeover for your kitchen, including an in-depth look at how to improve the quality of your food, condiments and supplements.
  • Health-Food Store Tour – 1.5 hour in-store tour: Learn how to successfully navigate health-food stores, including what to look for, what to stay away from, and how to get the most for your money.
  • Nutrition Detectives: A comprehensive 3-part program that teaches elementary school children 5 clues to make healthy food choices and detect marketing deceptions by using food labels and ingredient lists.

You did indeed exceed my expectations. Thank you very much for teaching this class. I learned a great deal of good, practical and user friendly information. You are a wonderful teacher and I am so grateful that you were my counselor. I have learned a great deal from you; your calm has been a wonderful antidote to my sometimes stressful life.”

– Holli Thompson

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