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machuSince long before achieving certification as a Holistic Health Coach at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2006, I’ve realized my mission is to help others on their journey to wellbeing and whole-life balance. I have walked the path to health and self-improvement for most of my adult life, dedicating more than a decade to helping others find their best selves and create healthy, happy and balanced lives.

My years of work with amazing, inspiring healers, aligned with a continuous recommitment to the process of improving myself, helps me to stay balanced and focused so I can help my clients meet their wellness goals in their own way, on their own time, with fun and flexible methods.

angelvalley-075I know that this path can work for you, because I know it has worked for me. Growing up in Southern Vermont, I faced the same sorts of problems faced by so many others every day: allergies, head colds, skin problems, poor sleep, chronic infections, and lack of energy. But it wasn’t just my physical body that challenged me. I also struggled with deep-seated loneliness, depression, low self-esteem and anger. I moved west after college and was introduced to an-ever growing network of teachers and healers who helped me to understand the dramatic effect that clean eating and balanced nutrition can have on the body.

As I began healing my physical body, family and friends encouraged me to work on my emotional wellbeing. Under the guidance of carefully selected counselors, therapists, healers and coaches, I began feeling more comfortable with myself. I began to nurture a deep connection to, and an understanding of, why I was feeling the way I was. Through this process, I found more joy and happiness in my life, I stopped blaming everyone else for my problems, and I found within myself a deep passion and love for a path of self-improvement that has continued to this day.

angelvalley-052Some time spent studying in Southern California, the country’s nexus for nutrition and wellbeing, introduced me to the healing powers of Pranayama Breathwork. This work became a major part of my journey inward and opened many new pathways to health and happiness in my life.  Over the years, the breathwork has become so important to me personally and to my clients that I’ve made it a core part of my practice at Sacred Mountain Wellness.

I find that clients often come to me with the same sorts of problems I’d had when I was younger: diet, chronic pain, diabetes, hypertension, depression, anxiety and a whole host of other issues. And time after time, my balanced, flexible approach to healing the whole person helps my clients find their way to wellness through avenues they never knew existed. When you work with me, we move forward together in small, everyday steps toward your wellness goals.

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