When was the last time you walked into a healing space and spoke with someone about your health, feeling that you were truly being heard?

So many of us never take that time for ourselves, yet it’s key to a healthy, balanced, full life.

We are used to bringing certain problems to certain people – ten minutes of talking about health problems with a doctor; an hour of discussion about emotional issues with a psychologist or therapist once in a blue moon. But that approach doesn’t support the whole person. It simply steers us toward those typical Band-Aid solutions so prevalent in Western medicine.

circletreeMy work is different. I support the whole person. I help you to meet all of your health and wellness goals, meeting you wherever you may be in your life and helping to identify the old patterns that hold you back. We’ll work together to heal the physical and emotional body and discover your personal path to wellbeing.

That’s the beauty of the holistic approach: it’s centered around what you need, when you need it – and it can help you move forward to a happier, healthier, more fulfilling life.

Ask Yourself: Can One Conversation Change Your Life?

After spending 20 years experiencing increasing anxiety, I found myself searching for a way to be healthier and happier.  I knew the answer didn’t come in the shape of a medically prescribed pill, because I had already tried that.  After just one session with Gardner, my life began to change.  He helped me to make a mind/body connection that still resonates with me to this day and has impacted virtually every aspect of my life!”

 – Sue Hinckley

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